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Looking for a Buescher Valve Cluster

Postby Todd » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:18 am

I've never posted something on this forum but here we go:

I imagine this is bit of a stretch but I picked a BB Buescher Helicon body the other day. I've always wanted one of these horns, all though this is the first one I've seen in real life. But I've seen pictures of Allen Jaffe using one and the size and shape looks appealing as well as buescher seems to have made very nice instruments. Anyway its a body with the valve cluster missing so if anyone has one to sell let me know. Otherwise I think I'll try a conn valve cluster on it. Anyone have any experience with that combination?

And no I don't want to sell that little buescher body. Thanks for any reply.
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Re: Looking for a Buescher Valve Cluster

Postby bloke » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:37 pm

A four-valve valveset from a Weril/Dynasty is nearly the same bore as the original, and - unlike the original - is designed to fit a sousaphone, rather than (as with the 1920's four-valve Buescher0 being a concert tuba valveset which is merely pasted on to a sousaphone body (with tubing extending out past the sousaphone's circle both ways).

The Weril four-valve sousaphone valveset is designed to fit a Conn-size circle, rather than a King-size (smaller) circle, but it's still going to be a good (possibly the "best") candidate. Due to the quality of the nickel plating on the pistons and the quality of the bracing, I would strongly recommend rebuilding the pistons and replacing as many internal braces as possible, prior to installation...

...oh and (since the Buescher sousaphone body is - defacto - a CC length instrument with a bunch of extra front-end cylindrical tubing on the front-end to make it into a BBb instrument) you're going to have to recreate all of that tubing (which includes within it an epic main tuning slide), all of which sits atop the rest of the valveset past a unique-to-Buescher compound-curved lower mouthpipe which feeds out of the #1 piston. If you recreate it accurately, a Yamaha upper mouthpipe ("gooseneck") is the perfect thing to use.

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