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Besson 1984 New Standard Eb tuba parts ?

Postby marccromme » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:01 am

I have an old Besson 1984 New Standard Eb tuba made in England, it's the 3v compensated satin-silver finish version.

It plays OK, and after a bath and thorough clean the only thing I need to find or build myself are the valve guiding pins (what is the correct name in English?). They are horribly worn out, and I suspect these can not be found any more?? Or do they?

Alternatively, I was thinking of fabricating some myself out of brass screws plus some siver soldering (I have the tools). Does anybody know which thread size these pins have? I suspect it would be some English measurement ?

I thank for any advise of where to buy the original parts, or which screw thread size the have. I don't dare prying them out before I have a plan for replacement in place ..
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