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SIDEBAR thread: Miraphone and parts

Postby bloke » Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:35 pm

The Miraphone people have been extremely nice to me regarding supplying parts.
When emails were not answered immediately, it was because they were VERY busy, and - well - they finally sent me VERY detailed replies with parts lists and price quotes...and prices are not "cheap" but are "reasonable".

I'm certain that they would be willing to supply a beautiful perfect new 16-1/2" bell krantz to fit an old-style 186.

Annealing and gently running an un-reinforced bell flare through a dent machine (combined with some very gingerly-done tapping - to contribute to rim-straightening), likely, would undo anything that was previously done - as a repair attempt - and judged to be undesirable. Further, the installing of a new perfectly-straight krantz would greatly contribute, finally, to the straightening of an un-reinforced rim that may not be perfectly straight.

Possible contacts include:
- christian.niedermaier@
- petra.waxenberger@

Both communicate superbly in English and are very nice.

Finally, they accept PayPal, via
- info@

I personally assume that "very prompt payment" (which I execute before parts ever leave their plant) encourages the company to continue to be willing to "mess with" me and my needs/desires, as well as the needs/desires of others.

I like to see others' restoration projects completed successfully, and as stress-free as possible.

Personally, I've only removed/repaired/reinstalled a couple of bell krantz's (a 186, and an old M-W 20).
Though there was great danger in cutting myself, (rather than repairing them on a roller) I gently ran them through a Ferree's dent machine - as there really is no structural strength there - to preserve the angle of the bell contour. To reduce the chance of cutting myself, I used a pair of those $1 dollar-store gloves (which, of course, loaded themselves up with grease) and then discarded the gloves.

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