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Weltklang baritone valve cluster

Postby iattp » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:58 am

Hello all and greetings, again, from sunny (albeit cold) Macedonia!

I'm doing what I can to tighten up the rivet linkages on a friend's rotary valves for his baritone. They're super loose, wobbly and the s-linkages don't really work properly. The valves stick and all. Is there anyone out there who may have an old three valve cluster for a Weltklang baritone I could buy? I will upload pictures if needed. I've tried some heat to straighten the s-linkage, tried to push the rivets back in tighter, all that.

No, I'm not a tech (wish I would have studied that instead of Germanic languages sometimes), but I am probably one of the only few people out here in Kočani who know how to do a few things on horns, oddly enough...


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