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Paul Bierley's tuba up for sale

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 7:29 pm
by BVD Press
I have been asked to pass this along by Paul's son John: ... 3762995551


Following his 2003 stroke, Paul Bierley struggled for more than a year before declaring his retirement from tuba playing.  His rare horn, which has a unique personality like its owner, is up for grabs.  It has seen action in such organizations as the Columbus (Ohio) Symphony and Brass Quintet, The World Symphony Orchestra, The Detroit Concert Band, The New Sousa Band, Virginia Grand Military Band, New Columbian Brass Band, The Brass Band of Columbus, Village Brass Quintet and many others.

Paul's description is as follows:  Purchased from a Southern Ohio High School in 1960 and completely restored.  It was restored again 15 years later by Byron Autrey.  Valves are coated with Monel for better wear.  Tight.  Monster bore.  1st and 2nd upper valve slides manipulated for better intonation.

For those many friends of Paul, this is an opportunity to let you know that he, and his wife, have settled comfortably in their new retirement home.  Both are in remarkably good health considering their previous ailments.  Paul is walking well with a walker, and on occassion, with NO props.

The tuba comes with all of the eccentric attachments such as black tape, red fingernail polish in the finger ring,  homemade wooden valve cover, and Green Tuba Cozy.  The giant tuba mute is included in this package, and there is custom-made wood carrying case (not pictured) that is suitable for airline travel...or as a portable outhouse. 

Paul's son is acting as seller for this item.  While this item is open for bidding to the general public, I suspect final sale will be to an acquaintance of Paul's.  Considering the size and weight of the tuba and case, the listing declares local pickup the hopes that the buyer will combine a visit to Paul with the pickup!  We will work with the buyer if other shipping arrangements need to be made.