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Spokane CL: Old Eb?

Postby hrender » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:15 pm


Cool older tuba in this pic, it'd be worth a look if you're in the area.

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Re: Spokane CL: Old Eb?

Postby Tubajug » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:30 pm

I'm fairly certain that's an H.N. White King Eb like I've got. The bell shape and ferrules match. Mine is a very sweet sounding horn.
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Used to own, but still a fun thread: Lyon & Healy Eb

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Re: Spokane CL: Old Eb?

Postby Mark » Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:58 pm

Is that one an alto horn or a trombonium?
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