King Bell-Front Rotary that needs some work

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Sam Gnagey
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Re: King Bell-Front Rotary that needs some work

Post by Sam Gnagey »

Dan Schultz wrote:I've owned (and sold) several of those .750" bore rotary Kings. Not bad players. The fact that this one appears to have complete linkage (less a string) is a plus. The only problem I've notice with them is a pretty flat 4th valve circuit... not difficult to fix by eliminating the 'curly-cue". Don't go looking for a factory upright bell for one. I've assembled bells for them but the bell throat is huge and the tenon can only come from a giant sousa or has to be fabricated from strip stock.
Maybe I'm stating the obvious here: It's pretty typical of instruments from that era that the 4th valve tubing was pretty flat, because at that time it was not intended to replace the 1&3 combination. It was meant only to be used to extend the low range using the 4th valve plus the octave higher fingerings for the low notes much as the 4-valve compensating system does. Of course it isn't as precise, but in the hands of a good player it offered pretty good results.
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Re: King Bell-Front Rotary that needs some work

Post by Minkrott »

Got a chance to look at this. All of the slides move, and you hear a pop on all of the valves after pulling. Obviously needs new bumpers and strings. Good shape for its age and being in a storage unit for 7 years. Played a scale operating the first valve with my left hand. Glad I got a chance to look at it.
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Re: King Bell-Front Rotary that needs some work

Post by BrassedOn »

I hope whoever bought this gem, and I think at a reasonable price for its rarity and just plain curb appeal, will give us a post with the before and after bringing the back to full operation. Best to you and your new baby!
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