Stolen Eastman *RECOVERED* - Duluth,, MN

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Stolen Eastman *RECOVERED* - Duluth,, MN

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Don't know the kid or what model Eastman it is (you can see the engraving if you zoom in). Saw it on the TV's website
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Re: Stolen Eastman - Duluth,, MN

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Duluth is not a particularly large place, nor is there much else around that part of the state. It's beautiful, just not highly populated. And a lousy place for a thief to try and convert a stolen tuba into cash. My guess is that if a thief wanted to pawn this, they'd drive the 2 hours to the Twin Cities and unload it down here. I hope the kid gets his tuba back, or at the least, that it was covered by insurance. :tuba:
bloke wrote:
journalist wrote:...someone had broken into his car.

Please don't leave stuff in your cars, friends.
20+ years ago, a Baltimore-area professional, Ed Goldstein, had his (original) Holton 6/4 CC stolen from his van, directly after leaving a ragtime ensemble performance at my High School. He got it back within a few days, the police recovered it from a pawn shop. Out of gratitude, he stopped by the police station to play a few tunes for them.

Anyway, this stuff doesn't just happen to kids... :|
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Re: Stolen Eastman - Duluth,, MN

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You'll be happy to hear that he got his horn back. It does have some damage, but he got it back. I don't think they found who took it.
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