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Charlie, thanks!! That's a connection I wouldn't have made. I was trying to picture a ten foot tall harp. :?
Norm Miller

King 2341S BBb
Yamaha YBL 612 Bass Trombone

Willamette Valley Concert Band
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CJ Krause
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Steve Inman
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Electrical Engineering degree (BSEE) from Purdue, with work experience in Integrated Circuit (IC) Product Engineering, IC Design Engineering, Systems Engineering (Engine Control Computers) and now an engineering manager -- hopefully w/o pointy hair. :wink:

Steve Inman
Kokomo, IN
Steve Inman
Yamaha YEB-381 Eb
Conn 56J CC
Willson-Marzan CC Solo Model
Kokomo Chamber Brass
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pro musician
pro musician
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I play tuba for the USAF Band in Washington, DC
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Gorilla Tuba
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pro musician
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I teach tuba and euphonium at a small State University. Also do marching band, concert band, supervise student teachers and what-ever else need to be done.

Generally the smaller the school, the more things you get (have) to do.

Playing and teaching music is very satisfying for me!
A. Douglas Whitten
Associate Director of Bands
Assoc. Professor of Tuba & Euphonium
Pittsburg State University
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I teach chemistry at a university, with some tuba and singing freelancing on the side and during the summer.
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Jeffrey Hicks
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Senior Claim Examiner for one the BC/BS companies...
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Todd S. Malicoate
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I sell auto parts for a living. I knew those three degrees would come in handy someday...
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I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Until then I work as a tech support analyst (help desk) for an insurance company.
Mark E. Chachich
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My primary duty at the NIH is neuropathology. My secondary duties are general pathology and statistical analysis (as well as duties as assigned). I play tuba and string bass part time.

Mark E. Chachich, Ph.D.
Principal Tuba, Bel Air Community Band
Life Member, Musicians' Association of Metropolitan Baltimore, A.F.M., Local 40-543
Life Member, ITEA
Michael Denney
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Mechanical engineer.
Good judgment comes from experience,
but most experience comes from bad judgment. --Will Rogers
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Micah Everett
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Matt Higgins wrote:Student - Music Performance

I study with the one and only Dr. Dennis AsKew at UNC-Greensboro (maybe he'll let me play the Vaughan-Williams now).
Doubt it. :twisted:

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Tuba-G Bass
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Day Job

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I have worked in Television since 1987, first as a
Engineer at a PBS station, then Post-production Supervisor
for a Production house doing Long Form shows for A&E and
History Channel, and now thanks to a Promotion, I am now
Senior Editor at RCN 4 TV in the Lehigh Valley, PA.
Running a AVID Adrenaline Non-Linear edit system for the local TV station,
and doing national corporate level work too.

I play Contrabass Trombone in the Bethlehem Area Moravian Trombone Choir [estab. 1754],
Tuba in the Bethlehem, PA Municipal Band,
and Sousaphone in the Allentown Hobo "Almost" Marching Band.
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Paul Lewis
Community/Church Musician
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Steve Marcus
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pro musician
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I'm Director of Sales for The Beautiful Sound, Inc., the Chicago area's only authorized Steinway/Boston/Essex Piano and Wren Music Chest dealer.

I also freelance on tuba, piano, and vocal (tenor). Click on the link below for all the gory details.
Steve Marcus
Sales Associate, Sam Ash Music - Lombard, IL
(630) 424-0767
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia
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Hi gang,
I worked 20 years full time as a band leader,roadie,rythm guitarist,
trumpeter and trombone guy.Then I got on at the postr office as a
rural letter carrier for 21 years(paid more than the music did.)
Started back playing tuba a year ago.working part time until our
c.d.gets around and our new website is up and running.
Next year we should be quite busy gigging and recording a comedy
c.d. an oldies c.d.and a mardi gras c.d..
The Fartman
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Dan Schultz
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bloke wrote:I'm a bloke.
Having just returned from two weeks in England... I am curious as to your definition of the term 'bloke'. Please elaborate.
Dan Schultz
"The Village Tinker"
http://www.thevillagetinker.com" target="_blank
Current 'stable'... Rudolf Meinl 5/4, Marzan (by Willson) euph, King 2341, Alphorn, and other strange stuff.
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Rick Denney
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MICHAEL DENNEY wrote:Mechanical engineer.
Do I know you? Or, more to the point, are we related?

There aren't too many Denneys in the world, though there is a relative abundance of Dennys. (Of course, both come from the same root: 'Denn's, meaning "of the Danes" in medieval French, for Danish settlers in the Normandy and Brittany areas.)

Rick "Civil engineer, originally from Houston" Denney
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I'm a former Junior High/High School Football Coach, and currently I make my living in Tuba and as a Keno Gambling writer.
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As we say down South, I'm an inshaunce man.
I am fortunate to have a great job that feeds my family well, but music feeds my soul.
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I teach a variety of subjects at the Singapore International School in Saigon, Vietnam (yes, they still call it that). I am also a frelance tuba player, quite well-known in the ex-pat community as well as to the most of the serious musicians in HCMC.

I also write articles on pop culture of the 20th century.
One tragedy after another one. Will be leaving Needles soon and moving to the Los Angeles area. I am so sorry for anyone planning to do one of the projects in Laughlin I never got to start.
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