Mack 410 Leadpipe Swap

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Mack 410 Leadpipe Swap

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Hello all. I am writing to see the general consensus as to whether or not a leadpipe change could make my mack 410 play a little better. I have had a dented leadpipe repaired on the horn, but ever since then I just don't think that the horn plays as well as it did when I bought it. In addition to this, the leadpipe is starting to lose all of its lacquer, and I suspect that it is starting to develop some brass/ red rot. Do you all think that changing the leadpipe (whether for an actual miraphone one, or even just a new one from tom mcgrady directly) will make a big difference in the way the horn plays?

I plan on buying a new CC within the next 6 months or so, so this is not something I am super concerned about. Until then however, I would like to make my cc play as well as it can. Thanks everyone!

(Originally posted in main forum before I realized there was a repair/ mod sub-forum!)
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Re: Mack 410 Leadpipe Swap

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I'm tempted to think that a 188 leadpipe would be even better!
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