FS: Schlipf #11 and #-1 practice mutes

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FS: Schlipf #11 and #-1 practice mutes

Post by arpthark »

I bought these for tubas I no longer own.

I used the #11 in my Eastman 832 and it fit, but stuck out a bit. I learned that these are actually supposed to be pretty flush with the bell, but it worked great. Designed for "Alexander 164 kaiser tuba, Hirsbrunner York model 510, Holton 345 B-, C-tuben, Kalison large B-, C-tuben, Kanstul 6/4 tuba, Melton/Meinl-Weston Alan Baer 6450, 2265, Fafner 195, York (Grand Rapids, USA) 6/4 B-, C-tuben"

I used the #-1 (negative 1) in my Yamaha 621 F copy and it went in a bit far, but again, worked great for me for at-home practice. Designed for "Conn 10J/11J/12J/14J/15J B-tuben, Josef Lidl 701 B-, C-tuben, Jupiter 778 3⁄4 B-tuben, Melton 182 F-tuba, 186 B-tuba, Mirafone Starlight 383 Eb tuba."

The #11 has been hot-glued back together between the cone and the base, but works fine and the glue seems solid. It was like that when I bought it. Asking $150 plus shipping.

The #-1 is in great shape. Asking $175 plus shipping.

Can do both for $300 plus shipping. Shipping may be expensive due to dimensions, so feel free to pick up here in southeastern CT. Can drive a little ways to facilitate a sale, too (maybe about a 2 hour drive from here -- Boston/NYC). PM or email beanhillbrass at gmail if you are interested. Thanks!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-qUVQu ... Yv4pX/view
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