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This is for selling your personal equipment, but sponsored selling is allowed as well. We are requiring all ads to have the following information. Price, Brand, Model, and location (for instruments, not accessories) need to be included in the ad, or at least be very clear in link provided. It is acceptable to link to an external ad if you are promoting a sale of your personal equipment. No Ebay Auctions, but Buy it now listings are fine. Photos are HIGHLY suggested as well. If you see an ad that does not meet these criteria, please report it.

Commercial advertising without Sponsoring

Postby WoodSheddin » Tue May 26, 2009 11:16 pm

I just happen to log in and found 3 examples of blatant commercial advertising without the member being a TubeNet Sponsor.

I will admit to not logging into TubeNet much these past few months, but I have been continuing to pay the hosting bill each month and maintaining the server required to keep it running.

All personal advertising for things like your personal horn, or some old sheet music, or a gig bag are still free. But trying to market products for commercial gain is not something I care to offer free hosting for. If you want to attempt to cash in on TubeNet then feel free to contact me about becoming a TubeNet Sponsor. It is VERY easy and helps pay for things here.

If anyone here happens to run across what looks like a business venture of any kind that is being advertised by a non-Sponsor then PLEASE let me know so I can take a look at it. Either use the report facility or email me Sean AT Chisham Com. If it is through email a URL would be helpful.
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