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John Packer F Tuba $3800 *SOLD*

Postby tubacorbin » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:26 pm

Hey everyone,
I've got a pristine condition John Packer JP379FF tuba that I'm looking to sell.

I just had the horn cleaned and serviced by Tim's Music in Sacramento, CA and they did an excellent job. Valves and porting are aligned with a nice neoprene, valve action is very fast and silent, and all slides move easily and freely. I've owned many F tubas 2-3 times the price as this and I'd put this up there with the best of anything that I've owned. The craftsmanship is on par with anything coming out of Germany these days. It plays like really great PT15. Low range is easy and the pitch is great. All open partials are in tune (even A at the top of the staff). I do find 4th valve G at the bottom of staff to sit a bit low, but I either lip it up or use 1-3. The nice thing about that is it puts my F#, C, and B below the staff right in tune.

Located in the SF Bay Area. Shipping is an option (greyhound preferred).

Price is $3800 + shipping. The horn comes with the hard case supplied by the manufacturer.
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