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BMB J-445 F silver - at NERTEC if you want

Postby WillDellinger » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:09 am

I am selling a Big Mouth Brass J-445 F tuba in silver plate. It is the big bell (18") version. Comes with gig bag in good shape and the mouthpiece that came with the horn.

Price: 3600 - buyer pays shipping

Pictures here: ... ry/J-445SP" target="_blank

I have spent a good amount of time with two of these horns now, and here are the (what that experience tells me) common issues with the model that have been addressed/fixed/weren't a problem.

- Thumb ring is mounted more securely than the older examples of the model.
- The slides are aligned. Factory alignment of the main slide made it un-tunable in increments less than an inch, but it works very smoothly now.
- The valve casing/cap threads are not perfect, but they are easy enough.

I agree with what others have said - the valves ARE good. Very quick. The low range is easy and big.

My favorite thing about this horn is how well it responds. It is very easy to get a nice, clear start to every note throughout the range of the horn.

Negatives about the horn:
- There is one medium sized dent in the bottom bow (pictured).

- The silver plating has worn where your right arm comes across the horn.

- The notes from low C up to the E just below the staff are a bit flat. The slots are VERY wide and flexible, so a strong player should do fine with lipping these right in tune.

- This horn has a brighter sound than you might expect given the size.

- No clue how common this is but I know it can happen on the Chinese horns - the marking on the back bearing plate of the rotor is incorrect. I suspect the workers have seen how those markings look, but don't know what they are for exactly or how they work. So if you get the horn serviced in the future, be certain your tech uses a mirror or endoscope to align it.

The horn has been cleaned and valves aligned.

Horn is locate in Manassas, VA.

PM or email me for any other info
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Re: BMB J-445 F silver

Postby chronolith » Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:16 pm

Very precise description of the tendencies on these horns. This looks like a good one.

And for that money it should be a no-brainer.
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Re: BMB J-445 F silver

Postby WillDellinger » Mon Apr 24, 2017 3:06 pm

If anyone is interested in trying the horn at NERTEC, let me know before Wednesday if you want to try it out so I know to bring it.

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