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Beckner Aine Bb 9-key Ophicleide 2000

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:15 am
by PMeuph
Beckner Aine Bb 9-key Ophicleide.

Now 2000 USD!

I purchased this ophicleide nearly 8 years ago. At the time, I was hoping to have a local repairman try his hand at ‘restoring’ it, but that never happened for whatever reasons. 4 years ago, I decided to send it to Dan Schultz and he performed a ‘play-condition’ on it.

He fabricated a new branch, rolled out some dents but some patches, made a key from and old sax key, added new springs and pads. Basically, he turned a metal sculpture into a playing instrument.

So, how does it play? It’s hard for me to say as this is the only ophicleide I’ve ever played, and truthfully I haven’t put nearly enough time in it to get a really good sense of it’s capable of doing.

The sound is nice and clear in the open pitches, but obviously needs more work on other pitches. The tuning isn’t perfect but I can get it to play 440. Some notes have to be lipped in place.

Why am I selling: I’ve had this for three years and it hasn’t been used much, I’ve played it for a total of 1 hour in that time. Plus, I've purchased a house in the last year, and I doubt I will get around to actually learning it well enough or have the opportunity to play it.

No mouthpiece, I’ve just used the euph mouthpiece I have on it.
I have a bag for it although, it’s not a great bag. It’s justa canvas drawstring sleeve that goes over a cardboard cylinder (used to pour cement footings) with a cap at the bottom. It’s loosely inspired by the plans on the serpent website ( I’m willing to throw in the bag, but I think the cylinder will do more harm than it will help as it won’t withstand the travel.

Located outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Pictures at:

Also, check out the ones on Dan Schultz' webpage:
(Scroll down to `Play conditioning an ophicleide`)