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FS VMI 3302 BBb tuba

PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:31 pm
by BBruce107
Hello all, I am selling my BBb tuba. It is a VMI 3302 with five valves (four piston one rotor) and in lacquer. I have owned this horn for seven years and am the second owner. This horn has served me through most of my career going into music school and in the Alma Symphony. Alas, I am looking into a Nirschl CC tuba so I must thin the stabe. I am asking $5,500 for this horn coming with a Wessex gig bag. I will through in a hard case for an extra $200 if you want two cases. I am located in Traverse City Michigan. I will be having minor repairs done to the horn in the near future (small dent job nothing major but just to make the horn look a bit nicer) and will be off the grid one week in May (5-12). The horn plays well in tune and a first valve pull on G on the bottom line of the staff sits very well. The low register resonates extremely well for only being 4/4 size tuba. This is compareable to a pt20p but in BBb. I am willing to ship at buyers expense which means the price can be negotiated. Send me an email if you are interested I will get those much quicker! I also have video of the horn being played on my youtube channel (Brandon Bruce) if you want to hear what the horn sounds like off a cell phone recording (not ideal). Thank you in advance!

The Best,
Brandon Bruce

Re: FS VMI 3302 BBb tuba

PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:00 pm
by BBruce107
Here are links to videos of the tuba in rehearsal. Not the best playing on my part but it does give an idea of what the horn sounds like.