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Mouthpieces for sale! Denis Wick. Conn. Vincent Bach.

Postby CodyMessersmith » Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:53 pm

For sale I have several tuba mouthpieces and one bass trumpet mouthpiece.

The first tuba mouthpiece is a Denis Wick Ultra Series moutheleice deaigned by Aaron Tindall. This specific model is the AT2U in gold plating. This mouthpiece was purchased new at Dillon Music about 2 years for $215.95, I am asking $180 O.B.O. for the mouthpiece. It is in great condition with only little scratches on the shank from normal wear and tear. This mouthpiece has been kept in a protec mouthpiece pouch when not in use. Below is the description of the mouthpiece taken directly from the Denis Wick website.

AT2U (Cup Diameter 32.8mm / Bore 9.53mm)

This new mouthpiece designed by Aaron Tindall is the most popular of the range, and is designed for use in 5/4 CC tubas. It has a large cup which is a mixture of a funnel and a bowl with a large throat, and is slightly shallower than the AT1U. This mouthpiece has already proved a big hit with many leading American players. The rim is designed by Warren Deck and is one of the most comfortable on the market. It features just the right amount of width and bite to give the player a sense of comfort and stability. This mouthpiece produces a rich and vibrant sound with plenty of focus. There is a distinct ‘shelf’ at the bottom of the cup which helps achieve a concentrated power that gives a sound that really projects.

The next mouthpiece for sale is a Conn Helleberg 7B. This mouthpiece was used on my vintage Conn Eb for years before I decided to go a different route. Great classic mouthpiece! This mouthpiece is in great condition with normal wear and tear. This is nearly the same mouthpiece as the traditional Conn Helleberg, just with a more shallow cup. I purchased this for $70 about three years ago, but it can be yours today for $45 O.B.O. This mouthpiece has been kept in a protec mouthpiece pouch when not in use.

The third mouthpiece I have for sale is a customizable mouthpiece from Vincent Bach Corp. this is just the cup/shank section of the mouthpiece, you would need to acquire a rim for the mouthpiece. This is a Vincent Bach 24AW. I purchased this mouthpiece used at Baltimore Brass Company a few years ago for $35 to use as a project mouthpiece but never got around to it. I have played it a couple times, using a rim from Parker Mouthpieces. This mouthpiece comes as is, with no rim for $25 O.B.O.

The last mouthpiece I have for sale is an unbranded bass trumpet mouthpiece. This is roughly the size of a standard small shank tenor trombone mouthpiece. I honestly forget how I acquired this mouthpiece, but it is an interesting find. I have seen similar mouthpieces online for about $40 so I am asking $20 O.B.O.

An additional $5 will be charged for the shipwment of each mouthpiece. If more than one mouthpiece is purchased by one person, discounted shipping is possible.


Denis Wick- ... hgzjci.jpg" target="_blank ... s4elcs.jpg" target="_blank

Conn Helleberg- ... lylrwx.jpg" target="_blank ... fahnzf.jpg" target="_blank

Vincent Bach 24AW- ... lxb14b.jpg" target="_blank ... ke6jw8.jpg" target="_blank

Bass Trumpet Mouthpiece- ... ytnpov.jpg" target="_blank ... cfodqn.jpg" target="_blank
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