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Yamaha Silent Brass System For Sale!

Postby CodyMessersmith » Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:35 pm

I have one Yamaha Silent Brass System for tuba for sale. This mute system is in need of minor repair. Two of the clips on the mute need to be replaced (these can be purchased on Yamaha's website for somewhere around $40. Also, the headphone jack needs to be replaced on the mute. This jack can be easily removed with a small wrench. My reason for getting rid of this mute is simply because I do not use it enough to justify keeping it around. I have used it for several years to practice in my apartment but now will no longer have a use for it. Similar systems sell for over $500. This is the older version of the Silent Brass System, but is a tremendous practice mute nonetheless. As I said, there are some small repairs that need to be done. The replacement of the clips is not necessary for the mute to function properly, as I have been using it like that for the past year now. And the headphone had is not a necessity if you play with the mute unplugged (just using it as a traditional practice mute, without the studio sound produced through the pocket studio).

When you buy this system you get the Yamaha Silent Brass System for Tuba, the Yamaha Pocket Studio, and the original travel case for the Yamaha Silent Brass System.

As I said, if you were to buy the Yamaha Silent Brass System for Tuba new, it would cost over $500. Today you can purchase a used system for just a fraction of the cost!!
I am currently asking $175 O.B.O. for this mute system. Buyer will pay shipping of $25.
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Re: Yamaha Silent Brass System For Sale!

Postby zombie2u » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:25 pm

Might be very interested, as will be moving out soon and would like to practice after 9pm currently, and any time when I'm in an apartment :P . Will also reply tomorrow, you can email me at Chris.Bernhardt2018@gmail.com , thank you
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