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Marantz 7.1 receiver (needs repair)

Postby bort » Wed Oct 04, 2017 11:56 pm

Mods -- I hope non-tuba/music equipment is okay to list here. I guess this is *kind of* music-related?

I have a Marantz 7.1 channel receiver up on eBay -- it started to develop a problem where it would randomly turn itself off, so it needs to be repaired. Sometimes it would go weeks without a single issue (and when it works, it is great!). Other times, it would barely go an hour or two without turning off. I didn't have time to deal with it, so I bought a new (and inferior) receiver to replace it.

This is sold as-is, with no guarantees and no returns. If you can repair it (or get it repaired), you would end up with a killer receiver for a very low price. Or, it might just never really work right, or even at all. In that case... something to use for soldering practice? I'm not an expert on this stuff, and just don't know. I just want it out of my house.

Here is the eBay link:

If you want it, make me an offer here, and I'll end the eBay auction. You pay shipping (eBay estimate should be pretty close), but as you can see from my BIN price, I'm hoping to just get a few bucks for it, instead of just sending it off to be recycled.

Something big, coming soon...!
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