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SOLD: Miraphone 381 Belcanto Solo ($9500, or best offer)

Postby groundbeef » Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:43 pm

Good afternoon all,

- I am looking into the possibility of selling my gold brass Miraphone 381. It is a six valve, 5+1 combination. It plays wonderfully, and I have used it for chamber, solo, and orchestra works. More info is outlined below...

- Before me, this horn had two owners. I purchased this horn from Morris Kainuma. For those who may not know him, he plays with the American Ballet Theater in New York City.

- Bell: 16.535 inches
- Bore: 0.772 - 0.835 inches
- Size: 5/4
- Finish: Gold Brass

Horn Information
- Repairs: This horn has had two dents previously removed by Josh Landress, who did an exceptional job with it.
- Modifications: The only "modification" that this horn had was that a hand brace was placed on the tuba, and when Morris purchased it, he had it removed and the spray lacquered by Mr. Alan Baer.
- Condition: This horn is great overall. Besides the rolls that were previously mentioned, this horn has the usual scratches, and small dings that come with use.
- Accolades: For what its worth, if it interests any potential buyer, this horn has absolutely served me well. Its won me concerto competitions, earned me a finalist for ITEC regional competitions, and advanced me to the live round of the New World Symphony, among other things.
- Pictures: For the meantime, please contact me through TubeNet, with any requests for pictures. I will update this post sometime in the near future with pictures of the horn.

Playing Characteristics
- Intonation: Intonation is great on the horn, however, G/F#'s/Eb's (approaching the upper register) need to have the first valve slide pushed in. Ab below register requires the first valve slide pushed in.
- Tone: I find tone to be fantastic on the horn. I do not want to mention any quotes without their permission, but one of the many respected players in New York City, said that this horn required little air to get a full sound of out if. Once the air goes in, it immediately wants to be released. Looking into that, I totally agree with him.
- Other Information: Another respected player in New York City absolutely enjoyed the horn and knows Morris very well. He had nothing but good things to say about it. My teacher currently, as well as a respected player in Maryland both know Morris and have said that he knows how to pick horns wonderfully, and I go by that 100%.

- Horn Location: New York City
- Play Tests: For those who find themselves fairly interested in the horn can by all means contact me to set up a play test. I will not send this horn out for a trial.
- Shipping: Horn will be shipped either by FedEx/UPS/Greyhound, however a hand to hand delivery would absolutely be best.

Payment Details:
- New Price: $11,249.00
- Asking Price: $9,750 (or best offer)
- Payment Details: Cash/Paypal/Venmo would be the best options.
- Trades: Not looking for any at the moment

Contact Information:
- Please contact me through TubeNet to proceed with any further discussion. For those who demonstrate interest, I do not mind giving my cell phone number too, and I will of course be sending pictures of the horn.

- That should cover everything. Thank you in advance!
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Re: For Sale: Miraphone 381 Belcanto Solo ($9500, or best of

Postby groundbeef » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:57 pm

Price drop.

Dropping it to $9500 for the tuba, Miraphone gig bag, and a PT65 mouthpiece.

*If someone has a 2250NP would be willing to entertain trade offers on those as well.
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Re: For Sale: Miraphone 381 Belcanto Solo ($9500, or best of

Postby Jim Andrus » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:51 pm


Might wanna check that one out. Good luck!
Jim Andrus
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Re: SOLD: Miraphone 381 Belcanto Solo ($9500, or best offer)

Postby groundbeef » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:34 pm

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