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Cerveny Tubas. Free shipping till the end of the year!!

Postby Mike-Johnson-Custom » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:15 pm

I have some great Cerveny instruments available.
Once these are gone, so are the prices.

Free shipping, worldwide, included in the price, for all instruments that are paid for by the end of the year !!

CBB 686-5IR 6/4 with 2nd valve kicker, Minibal linkages and hard case. Ex demo. £5800. Current list price is £8980.00
Great colourful sound.

I have 2 Rott RCB 496-4S 6/4 CCs.
These are Cerveny-built for a shop in Prague. Silver plated and VERY responsive. They were returned because the water key wasn't drilled, then stood gathering dust! They include the old style Cerveny gig bag.
£4300.00 These are a bargain.

I have 2 CCB 603-4R 'Piggy' tubas.
Seriously easy blowing, compact 4/4 CC. B stock; one had a dent that's been repaired.
Complete with Minibal linkages plus hard case.
£4400.00. Full street price £7064.00

I have 3 CBB 683-4R Arion 3/4 BBb
These are extremely versatile instruments that certainly pack a punch!
Complete with Minibal linkages and hard case.
£4300.00 retail price £4984.00

CBB 691-4R 5/4 BBb Kaiser
The modern version of the pre-war Bohemian design. B stock; had a dent removed in the bottom bow.
Rock solid intonation and a huge, solid sound.
Complete with Minibal linkages plus hard case.
£4950.00 retail price £6211.00

I'll post the F tubas and BBb Cimbasso tomorrow!

The new Cerveny instruments are on a par with the German manufacturers in quality of build and are crafted in the same way as the Melton hand-made instruments, at 60% of the cost.
Mike Johnson Custom
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Re: Cerveny Tubas. Free shipping till the end of the year!!

Postby laurenvonhuff » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:39 am

Are these still available?
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