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Mouthpiece clearance - **UPDATE**

Postby tclements » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:57 am

I have MANY mouthpieces that I’d like to move along. Send me $75 cashier’s check or money order, and I’ll throw in a SECOND mouthpiece (of my choosing) for free. I’ll cover shipping. Here’s the partial list:

Perantuccis – 45, (still in a box), 48, 88, 64, 82, 65, 49
Mike Finn – MF4, MF5 new, but tarnished
Mirafone TU29
Wilson – WT2 (similar to a LOUD) brand new
Yamaha BB65 - new still in box
Bach – 18, 25, 24AW (I’ll take $60 for these)
Various Hellebergs (I’ll take $60 for these)
I’d need $100 for these:
Bobo Signature Symphonic (gold rim)
Canadian Brass Arnold Jacobs Helleberg
Frank Holton 52 (looks gold plated)

Most are in new or lightly used. All are somewhat tarnished (I HATE polishing silver) but none have been dropped or damaged. I will NOT send you a mouthpiece with a chip on it anywhere, especially on the rim.

Also, I have about $3,000 of Doug Elliott parts. Cups, rims, shanks I'd like to move the whole kit. Make me an offer. for address and more info.
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