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HB10 F tuba for sale - SOLD

Postby Matthew Gaunt » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:20 pm

Hi All


I am selling a Hirsbrunner HB10 f tuba.
It has 4 pistons + 1 rotor on left hand (2-step 5th valve). Fifth valve has a slide kicker on the left thumb. If I kept, I would prob convert 5th to right thumb, and shorten 5th slide to flat whole step. Does not look like would be hard to do...
In very good condition - couple dings and scratches. Great valves. $9,000 with wood case and leather bag. Prefer not to ship, if shipping is worked out cost would be responsibility of the buyer.
Located in Chicago, will also be near Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington next week.
Pics avail via email...
Of the piston f tubas I have owned (621, 822, 1281, 2250) this one to me seems to have the most potential to sound like a german rotary f with the right mouthpiece, can also sound like a small cc for quintet etc.
Gene Pokorny recently used this horn for the premiere or the Lalo Shiffrin concerto out in California
Reason for selling. I prefer my tubas to be all piston or all rotary. My cc tuba is a rotary, and I prefer pairing my rotor f tuba with it and am not using this piston f.
Would consider trade (with cash coming my way) potentially for a 188, 186, possibly a B&S f tuba...

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Re: HB10 F tuba for sale (maybe trade)

Postby Hoffmantuba » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:23 pm

Hey Matt,

I am interested in your horn. Can I get a few pics? What kind of cases do you have for the horn. I am looking to move on a horn in the next month or so. I would fly out check it out and take it back to Co. My email is timothy.hoffman@restorationbrass.org
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