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FS/FT: Bass Trombone Mouthpieces

Postby shinytuba7 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:53 am

I just sold my bass trombone and I realized I still have bunch of mouthpieces sitting around. So here we go:

Denis Wick Classic 2AL "Gold Plated" - $25
Plating on this on is about 70%, but I believe it is still playable as is. Price also reflects condition here.

Schilke 59 Silver Plate, Long Shank - $50
Old design long shank that has been discontinued. Tarnished, but plating is in good condition.

Schilke 59 Silver Plate, Long Shank - $35
Shank is slightly out of round. Purchased as a back-up to the 59 just above it. Also tarnished with plating wear and some nicks.

Marcinkiewicz Geo. Roberts - $50
Out of production mouthpiece made for George "Mr. Bass Trombone" Roberts. Sized at about a 1.5G from my memory. Tarnished but plating is in good condition.

Ferguson Jeff Reynolds L - $90
Made for The Horn Guys, description can be found here: https://www.hornguys.com/collections/trombone-mouthpieces-1/products/ferguson-bass-trombone-mouthpiece. Mouthpiece is tarnished, but plating is intact.

Warburton 1 JW - $100
Made by Warburton, description can be found here: http://www.warburton-usa.com/index.php/customer-endorsements/279-james-warburton-jw-1-14-bass-trombone-mouthpiece. Mouthpiece is tarnished, but plating is intact. I believe this may be a slight variation, as the one that I linked to is a 1.25 version. So either possibly a slightly larger cup or larger rim.

Add $5 for shipping within the Cont. 48. Sorry, but no shipping outside of that.

All mouthpieces are located in Connecticut.

Please PM me with your email for any pictures you would like me to send over or if you have any questions.

I would be interested in trading these mouthpieces as well. Tuba mouthpieces/mouthpiece parts only. How a trade would work is that you would send out your part of the trade with a tracking number first, and once I receive it, I would then send out my part of the trade with a tracking number. I would consider Houser Parts, only cups and shanks, anything compatible with Houser Parts, or anything interesting/rare that you may have (Usually interesting/rare means that either you can't buy it anymore or was never commercially available). I think the worst thing you could do is not ask!
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