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Alexander F tuba 4+1 with extras, With wiseman hardcase

Postby EMC » Sat May 12, 2018 4:35 pm

Hello Tubenet after finally getting my account password reset I'm back, sorry if you were trying to get a hold of but now that my performing season is more or less over I need to put my bass tuba back on the market. I've been told the vintage of this horn circa 1930s to 1950s, but with old Alexanders made before the 70s it's quite difficult to be sure. The valve set up is 4+1 with the fifth valve having the ability to be set up either as the now typical flat whole step or the 2+3 which is what I prefer, you simply have to remove or add some tubing on the fifth slide, no major surgery needed. The four original valves are clockwork spring valves that I have rubber bands on to speed them up and the fifth which I added is a modern linkage valve, the leadpipe was also replaced sometime ago and the new leadpipe has greatly improved the low register response and tone that German rotary F tubas are notorious for having problems with, no more stuffiness down there and you can really push some air and punch out pedals and with a more controlled air stream it can provide a very dark and dense tone quality, not as broad a sound you could get from say a 2250 but it's still very good in my opinion, and definitely better than the other Alexander Fs I've played. The mid and high registers are very typical of an Alex, the mid register is very pleasing to the ears warm and smooth and the higher register up to the G, A, Bb are very lively in color and pretty accessible, meaning that they aren't hard to play if you've got the chops by any means. Once you've got your slides in the proper place and you've spend some time with it the intonation isnt anything to worry about and the slots are very flexible, you can bend the pitch almost two whole steps of you really try, so it's all a matter of just learning how you're mouthpiece and chops fit with it. I'm asking $6000 to help fund another purchase of something a bit bigger, Also comes included is a wiseman case (oversized but I add some pillows and padding and the horn stays protected and doesn't move inside the case) and also a Dubro Kit that I believe has everything needed to convert the valve system, I didnt have the know how to do it myself but someone with the right tool set should be able to fairly easily. I'll do a video soon to demonstrate a little bit of what the horn can do.

4 valves
4 valves
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