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FS: Mouthpieces (Bach/Laskey/Dillon/etc.) and Guitar Effects

Postby craigpotter » Wed May 23, 2018 5:53 pm

Hi All,

I've got a number of mouthpieces that have been sitting on the shelf tarnishing and collecting dust. All are in very good condition unless noted; shanks are round except for the little Conn piece. Prices include shipping.

Bach 32E - $60 - (like new)
Laskey 30G American shank - $100 - ON HOLD
Laskey 30H Euro shank - $100 - ON HOLD
Dillon H1 B - $60
Dillon H2 B Large shank - $60
Willson WT1 - $25 (has some pitting in the rim, came with a Willson E-flat)
Doug Elliott TU N130 rim/TU N cup/NFM shank - ON HOLD
Conn 2 small shank trombone mpc - $15 (shank is out of round)

Mouthpiece pictures (in the same order as above, left to right):

I also have some effects pedals that are collecting dust and would probably tarnish if they could! Everything works - the DOD pedals are missing their battery covers and the DigiDelay is missing the nuts on the jacks.

DOD FX90 Analog Delay - $65
DOD FX75B Stereo Flanger - $45
MXR M152 Micro Flanger - $55
Digitech DigiDelay - $55
EHX Big Muff Pi - $60

Effects pics:
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