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King 1241, York Sousa, Wessex Baritone, Olds Bass Bone

Postby SousaWarrior9 » Sun May 27, 2018 11:52 pm

I’ve got some projects I need to finance so it’s time to clear out all the horns I don’t use regularly.

First up is a King 1241 with BOTH upright and recording bells. I purchased this horn from Lee Stofer in 2015. Lee did some excellent work on the horn, including venting all of the pistons, so they move light quick and slide-pulling is easy, although pulling slides won’t be necessary because these horns have point-and-shoot intonation and this example is no exception. This horn includes original cases (with the old-school bean-shaped body case), the recording bell is original to the horn, but the upright bell is not.
The issues: Both the horn itself and the bells have had some dents at some point in the past as evidence of rolled out dents on the bows and bell(s) are noticeable, but they are in good shape now. There is some minor plating missing on each of the pistons which I’ve pictured below, but the valves are still smooth and tight. The original “Easlake orange” lacquer is about 60-70% there on the horn and the recording bell, while the upright bell is raw brass. Typical King specs: .687 bore, and both bells are “22 in diameter. The horn may not be much of a looker, but it plays like a dream.
I would prefer to trade for a Martin Medium BBb (brass or fiberglass), but would consider selling for $2,900
Overall view of the horn: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
valve block closeup: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Valves (showing slight wear and vents in each piston): ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Back: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Upright bell flare: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Recording bell front: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Recording bell back: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Cases exterior: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Bell case interior: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Body case interior: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank

Also available is a York sousaphone. I’m not familiar with York’s model numbers for sousaphones, but as I understand it, they produced two standard sizes: a small 4/4 and a large 5/4. This is one of the former, basically a York model 33 wrapped up like a sousaphone. It’s slightly smaller than a King 2350 and the sound is comparable. No, the horn will not give you the same power and broad tone as a 20K or other big sousa, but the sound is deceptively large for its size and is a really sweet player. Another bonus is that it is by far the lightest weight BBb brass souse I’ve played. I’ve never weighed it, but it feels every bit as light as a fiberglass horn so this would be great for parades, standing gigs, etc. It also still has the original case, too!
The issues: Original lacquer is still there (90%ish) with minor dings and scratches throughout. The spit valve on the main tuning slide has broken off, but is intact and I can either have it repaired or include it in the sale for the buyer to re-attach themselves. The pearl on the 3rd valve finger button is cracked, but still functions fine. The gooseneck and bits are not original but are actually replicas fabricated by Lee Stofer based on the specs of the original parts and one of the latches on the case has been replaced. .656 bore, 24” bell.
Asking $2000
Overall view: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Engraving: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Bell flare: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Body of the horn: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Valve closeup: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Valves: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Case exterior: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Case interior: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Replaced case latch: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank

Next is a Wessex BR115L 4-valve Bellfront Baritone. This horn is essentially a clone of the King 2266, but with nickel-silver trim. I purchased this horn brand new in 2016, but haven’t had as many opportunities to double on euphonium as I thought.
The issues: The horn has a like-new lacquer finish, and only a couple minor dings on the back of the bell. Other than the dings and some slight valve wear, this horn is in nearly new condition and includes the original Wessex semi-hard case and gold-plated mouthpiece.
Asking $850
Front: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Back: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Minor dings in back of bell: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Case exterior: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Case back with backpack straps: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Case interior: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank

Next is an Olds super Bb/F single-rotor bass trombone. This horn features tuning in the handslide, so the bell crook can maintain a consistent taper. The horn is in lacquer with silver trim, and has a single F attachment with a flat wrap. It plays open and smooth but can still cut when you push it, and the slide action is nice. The trigger mechanism broke shortly after I purchased it and I actually repaired it myself under the guidance of legendary horn builder/customizer/repairman Mike Corrigan at the BAC factory. I also have the original case as well.
The issues: the case is worn but still functional. Lacquer is still mostly there but has its fair share of scratches. Slide lock is functional but finicky, so be careful, the reach to the F trigger is long, so it could be uncomfortable for someone with small hands. .547/.562 dual-bore slide, 9” bell
Prefer to trade for a Martin Bass bone, but will consider selling for $1,200
Overall shot: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
F-attachment closeup: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Bell scratches closeup: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Tuning mechanism: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Inner and outer slides: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank
Engraving: ... sp=sharing" target="_blank

Shipping would be via greyhound (I've yet to have a problem with them) Or meet me in person if you are willing to drive to central Illinois.
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