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FS: Large hard-shell case (designed to fit the Kalison 2001)

Postby fjord_brewer » Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:03 am

Hey all! I bought a tuba from a user on here about 5-ish years ago for university (Kalison Pro 2000). With the tuba and price there was included a hard-shell case and a gig bag.

After studying for some time, I moved away from the USA to a Europe and sold the tuba when I realized I was probably never moving back! When the tuba was sold (by an old teacher / friend of mine to one of his students entering college), the student only purchased the tuba + gig bag.

Now I am selling that case! I do not currently live in the USA, but will be there for 2 weeks (Atlanta, Georgia) coming this weekend. Whether I am in the USA or not does not matter because I have family that can ship / sell / meetup with anyone to sell it! It is currently sitting at a family member's house and it needs to go! :)

As I said, its designed to fit a Kalison 2001. Its a big boy case and it has been used approximately twice by me and probably about the same by the previous owner. The tags are even still on there I believe. I mainly used the gig bag!

I am selling this case, pictured in this thread, for $500 OBO (or best offer)

Please respond in this thread, PM, or email me at
in order to discuss your offer! Hopefully someone in the Atlanta area would like this case :D otherwise we can discuss shipping and other details. I'm sure many of you are seasoned pros at purchasing tubas, gear, equipment, etc. So please pass along my post to anyone who you might think would be interested!

FULL PICTURE ALBUM: https://imgur.com/a/Jv9ZrTn

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