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FS: Mack Brass 410S--SOLD

Postby Ethan M » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:38 am

Hey TubeNet,

About the horn
I'm putting my silver-plated Mack Brass 410 CC up for sale. This horn is a few years old and I am at least the third owner. These horns have a well-established reputation, but even so, I'll admit I was surprised by how well it plays, especially considering what they usually run for used. It's a 186 clone, so it plays an awful lot like a 186. Intonation is easy; the only 'alternate' I use is 1-2/2-3 for fifth partial E/Eb. The horn comes with its original, wheeled zipper case and a black Alteri gig bag that has seen better days, but works and fits just fine. I'm moving it to make room for something that I've had my eye on for a while.

I'm not sure how old this horn is, but as I said, I'm at least the third owner. At the time I bought it, there was evidence of previous bell repair, and while it was in transit to me, it picked up some damage to the bell. I had the bell rolled out and valves realigned at that time, so the bell shows evidence of repair, which I tried to show in the pictures. From a few feet back, it's not all that noticeable. There is a little bit of wear on the silver in the fourth valve circuit, which is from a ding that I had removed. The valves are quick, though I discovered that they don't do well with synthetic oil, so I ran Blue Juice through and haven't had any issues with slow response since. The first and second valves make a bit of noise, but I would guess some minor adjustments would take care of the noise. The thumb ring is included, though it is not currently attached to the horn, as I didn't use it. The original zipper case is in 'functional' condition. A couple of the straps are beginning to come off, but the zipper still works and the case secures the horn as intended. The Alteri bag came with another horn, but it fits this one just fine. Some of the handles have come off and it's missing the strap that usually goes around the middle, but the backpack straps appear to be unaffected. The bonnet is included.

Shipping, Location, and Price
--I would rather not ship this horn, as I've already had to deal with repairs from a shipping mishap. I'm willing to drive to facilitate a sale, thought pickup would be preferred. If shipping is a must, it will be at a buyer's expense and risk.
--The horn is located in Lincoln, Nebraska as I will be for most of the summer. I have spaces available here for anyone who would like to try before they buy.
--I'm looking for $1550 for the horn, original case, and Alteri bag. I'm willing to keep the bag around as an extra, so if a buyer didn't want the bag, I would reduce the price accordingly.


As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, either through the board or at my email: millington (dot) ethan (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for reading!
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Re: FS: Mack Brass 410S

Postby geomiklas » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:51 pm

A beautiful horn indeed. I'm going to sell my Schiller soon now that I have a Mirafone 186. Maybe very soon. Good luck selling yours.
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Re: FS: Mack Brass 410S

Postby Ethan M » Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:24 am

Thanks! Must've gotten that luck, because this one is sold, pending funds!
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