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For Sale/Trade Mouthpieces

Postby BBruce107 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:51 pm

Hi all, I am looking to sell or trade a couple mouthpieces. Here is what I have. I am in Traverse City Michigan
LOUD LM6 $125
Alan Baer MMX $100
Houser Deck 3F $275

Looking to trade for any of these or similar.
Olka CB1 Gold
Bloke Orchestra Grand (full mouthpiece preferred)
Stofer Geib Gold
Laskey 30G
Bobo Symphonic (Gold Rim and Cup)
Brandon Bruce
Alma Symphony Orchestra
Big Mouth Brass BBb BAT
Mack Brass 410G CC tuba
Alex/Miraphone F tuba (For Sale)
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