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Gemeinhardt (BMB) J-734LQ-BBb

Postby ronr » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:07 am

I’ve decided to put my Gemeinhardt model #J-734-LQ BBb tuba up for sale. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the brand, Richard Barth built tubas for Gemeinhardt before going into business for himself as Big Mouth Brass.This particular horn was purchased used from Baltimore Brass for $3000 in 2016, and was originally built in 2012. Images will follow,when I figure out how to to post them.

The horn is a ¾ size tuba, although it’s bigger than your typical ¾ size horn, more like a ⅞. It has 4-front action stainless steel piston valves that work very well. 16” bell .730/.750 bore. It will come with a brand new John Packer “hard” case with wheels. It has a warm, even sound across all registers.

I’ve used this instrument in ensembles ranging from brass quintets to community bands , and have been pleased with its versatility, but am looking for something with a little larger bore.

There is a repaired crease in the bell, some minor scratches from six years of being played, and a small dent along the bottom now. None of the blemishes affect playability in the slightest.

This is a wonderful instrument that I’m reluctant to let go of, but I hope that it will serve someone else as well as it has me. Asking $2,500. The horn includes a new John Packer “hard” case with wheels. I’m happy to discuss shipping options with anyone interested, and further inquiries are welcome! The horn is currently located in Minneapolis MN.

Sale includes your choice of a new Kellyberg lime green mouthpiece, a new John Packer (unmarked) mouthpiece, a new Miraphone TU 33 mouthpiece or a used but extremely well-kept-but-tarnished Conn Helleberg mouthpiece. Or you can take them all!
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