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Solo CD’s - Sold pending payment

Postby Michael Grant » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:55 am

I have an extensive collection of solo CD’s I am selling. For the ease of convenience as far as shipping, packing, tracking, payment, etc., I prefer to sell them as one transaction and so at this time I am listing them as one transaction. I will go this route for a few weeks and if I get no takers on the entire collection, I will list them for individual sale.

There are 42 Cd’s. Most of them are solo tuba but there are also some euphonium, a bass trombone, a tuba quartet, etc. The list is attached.

The selling price is $230 (plus 3% if paid with PayPal) and actual shipping. That is less than $5.50 per CD). If I end up selling them individually the price will $7 each plus shipping and PayPal fees.

Thanks for looking.

Baadsvik, Oystein Tuba Carnival
Bazsinka, Jozsef Waves
Bjorn-Larsen, Jens Vang Holmboe Brass Concertos Included his concerto for trumpet, one for trombone and two for tuba
Bobo, Roger Tuba Libera
Brown, Velvel Velvet
Chevailler, Jean-Pierre The Classic Euphonium Euphonium
Cooley, Floyd A Schumann Fantasy
Eshelman, Kent Life is Good
Fisher, Mark EuFish Euphonium
Fletcher, John Concertos for Brass: Gregson Besses O’ The Barn Brass Band
Forbes, Mike Forbes plays Koetsier
Griffiths, John Canadian Chops
Hall, Mike Ari Angelo Corelli Solo Chamber Sonatas, Op 5 Alto trombone & harpischord
Hanks, Toby Sonata
Heo, Jae-Young Euphonium Recital Euphonium
Hilgers, Walter Tuba Tubissima
Jacobs, Arnold CSO T-bone & Tuba section play Concert Works & Excerpts
Jacobs, Arnold Portrait of An Artist
Kaenzig, Fritz Paul Hindemith Sonatas
Lind, Michael Michael Lind Play Tuba
Mead, Steven The World of the Euphonium Euphonium
Nelson, Mark New England Reveries
Nord, Lennart Stockholm Symphonic Wind Orchestra: Gregson Concerto For wind band vs brass band
Pierce, Benjamin Wheels of Life
Pilafian, Sam Perceptions
Pilafian, Sam Alec Wilder: Music for Horn With David Jolly: Suite No 1 for horn, tuba & piano
Pilafian, Sam A Brassy Night at the Opera
Pokorny, Gene Tuba Tracks
Pokorny, Gene Big Boy
Pokorny, Gene Orchestral Excerpts for Tuba
Randolph, David CONTRASTS In Contemporary Music for Tuba Music of Thomas Ritter George, Stevens, Baker
Randolph, David Tuba Suites ... and other sweets.
Rojak, John The Romantic Bass Trombone Bass Trombone
Sheridan, Patrick Lollipops
Sinder, Philip Aerodynamics
Stewart, Bob Then & Now
Swoboda, Deanna Deanna’s Wonderalnd
Tropman, Matt Continuum Euphonium
Michael Grant
Tuba, Willson Eb
Michael Grant
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