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MPs for sale: Bobo TT, Stofer-Chief, Holton Revelation 52

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:18 pm
by T. J. Ricer
Hello all,

I’ve got a few mouthpieces I am not using these days:

SOLD Yamaha Bobo Signature Tenor Tuba (gold rim) - SOLD
SOLD Wedge Delrin H2 - SOLD
Stofer-Chief - $125 (225 new, if available)
These three are in excellent condition.

Vintage Holton Revelation 52 - $52
This one is in pretty nice shape for a vintage piece, but the silver plate is not. Bare brass on much of the rim and outer. Shank isn’t perfectly round, but there aren’t tears.

I’ll include shipping via USPS inside the US for these prices.