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Yorks, Contrabass trumpets, alto/tenor trumpets, raincatcher

Postby KiltieTuba » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:57 pm

I finally got around to boxing and packing my instruments in Michigan. There are a couple instruments I've saved, but here is a list of instruments/projects for sale. I have pictures on Facebook in the Tuba-Euphonium Marketplace and the Frankentubas groups, but I can also send pictures over email if needed. As these have all been packed, I will not be able to take further photos.

If you want to pick something up instead of having it shipped, I'll need to coordinate that with my father.

York Eb sousaphone and helicon bundle

$1000 or best reasonable off - will not split up - Everything has been packed into a large Dillon Music tuba box and is ready to be shipped by Greyhound or picked up.

This is a 1930s York (of Grand Rapids, MI) Eb 4v sousaphone (has a decent case, mouthpiece, and two bits) and a 1910-20s York helicon bundle. It's not going to be separated. The idea was to take the valve section from the sousaphone and mate it to the helicon... but I never got around to it.

The valves are in good shape - the guy I bought it from didn't use it much - .656" bore through four valves. I think there are a couple crooks missing from the fourth valve tubing. The helicon section is MISSING ALL VALVES, the casings and valve caps are there, but no valves. I was going to reuse all of the tubing and crooks for the fourth valve.

Included, but not photographed, is a German rotary valve (I think it's a Meinl Weston, but I could definitely be wrong) of .689" bore - 4+1 valve Eb helicon!?

The sousaphone bell measures 24 inches in diameter and the helicon bell is 19 inches (same as the Monster Eb York bells). The sousaphone is lacquered brass and the helicon is silver plated.

You could either make the sousaphone into a sousaphone again or use the parts to make a killer helicon (the sousaphone bell tenon might be the right size to make the helicon bell removable).

Barcone Mini BBb Sousaphone

$600 or best offer - you pay shipping

Here's another parts project, I think I have most of the parts, but it could be missing something. Not many of these small sousaphones floating around. Sure, you could buy one of those sousaphone shaped objects from India, but it wouldn't play as well.

There were three plans in mind:
1. Make it into an F sousaphone with a large valve block (like the one from the York).
2. Make it into another French horn like the last one.
3. Overhaul it and get it silver plated and have a weird little sousaphone to counter my Jumbo.

It has a very small .550"-ish bore and is in BBb. Bell measures something like 18 inches across. It's in parts... You could probably make it right pretty easily.

No case - packed and ready to be shipped.

Carl Fischer BBb RAINCATCHER Sousaphone


This is a Carl Fischer BBb "raincatcher" sousaphone from the early 1900s. I would guess it's from sometime before the Depression, but I have no way of telling how old it is. Originally, I though it to be a York or Pepper, but after cleaning the bell engraving off (as it was bolted to a wall in a TGI Friday for many years) I found it to be a Fischer.

I did find an old catalog from JW Pepper that shows this exact same configuration, but Pepper may also have been importing instruments from Europe as Fischer commonly did. It is definitely of European origin as I believe this may have been a helicon design given the placement of the bell knee in relation to the body.

Anyway, it has a couple sets of holes through the outer branches (a literal wall-hanger) and at least one hole through the bell. It's missing a brace or two and a valve cap. Strangely, it has the original upper neck/leadpipe, but it only accepts a large trombone shank mouthpiece. I played it years ago - there's a video on youtube - and it played OK with the leaky valves. Raw brass in many spots or really dirty lacquer. I haven't cleaned it up.

Unmarked European Eb tuba Project

$125 or best offer - you pay shipping

Here is an unmarked Eb tuba with three valves and a couple leadpipes. I have no idea who made it and the valves are really ancient (they have those cork bumpers on the top valve caps, but under the caps). There's nothing special about it.

My plan was to convert it to a small front action or make it into a marching Eb tuba (like a contrabass trumpet), but it got cold and I lost interest.

Two Contrabass Trumpet Projects Bundle

$600 or best offer - you pay shipping

Here are two contrabass trumpet projects:

One is a 4v using a Bach marching baritone valve section (.560" bore), Conn bass baritone bugle (6-7 inch bell - great playing), and a King bugle valve (.560" bore). This was going to be my initial stab at a contrabass trumpet in F - close to what an F trumpet might actually be.

The other is a baritone bugle that could be five valves if you really wanted it to be. The three valves are Bach or Olds (.560" bore), the single valve in a Yamaha with a .560" or .570" bore, and the existing valve is close to these sizes. My plan was either 4+1 or 3+2. The bugle has a 10" bell. I didn't see any tears or cracks, but I could be mistaken (bought it on eBay long ago).

Not pictured is a bundle of crooks/tubing that should work with this size of instruments. Selling as a bundle. Packed and ready to ship.

Miscellaneous Alto/Tenor Trumpet Projects Bundle

$200 or best offer - you pay shipping.

While not a tuba, I've built a couple of alto/tenor trumpets and used them in an odd group here and there. I was in the middle of making another two or three, but sort of lost interest (it was cold in the winter).

Four of the bells and the 4v section are from Getzen Frumpets, one bell is a Olds trombone bell (great engraving), and then there is a King 600 trumpet section in bass Bb, an F horn rotary section, and a mellophone section. Enough for at least two or three good trumpet shaped objects.

Included is a bunch of extra tubing, maybe some leadpipes, and crooks of various instruments of this size. The bundle is in two boxes, already packed (all bubble wrapped) and ready for shipment.

Dynasty Bb Flugabone


This is a Dynasty Flugabone in Bb and has a .500" bore with 8 or 9 inch bell.

I bought this thinking I would convert it to a bass trumpet in F, but never got around to it. Plays pretty well for never fixing the few dents or touching the valves. Even after all these years of owning it, having never oiled the valves, the valves are still springy and tight! No case, packed and ready for shipment.
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Re: Yorks, Contrabass trumpets, alto/tenor trumpets, raincat

Postby lowtones425 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:13 pm

PM sent.
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Re: Yorks, Contrabass trumpets, alto/tenor trumpets, raincat

Postby KiltieTuba » Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:52 pm

lowtones425 wrote:PM sent.

I don't see your PM.
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Re: Yorks, Contrabass trumpets, alto/tenor trumpets, raincat

Postby KiltieTuba » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:03 pm

Updated some prices.

If you want everything, I'll cut you a deal.
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