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1918 4v Martin Medium Eb

Postby AaronC1901 » Sun Oct 14, 2018 9:02 pm

This is an Eb with a nice tone and very good intonation. The valves don’t quite have all the plating on them, but the slides still pop when you pull them out, so I’d say there's still some compression. It’d be a nice tuba for playing old band music for those that would like to use the instrument the music was intended to be played on. Nice mellow, broad tone.

Bell diameter is roughly 17.25", bore size is roughly .625". The instrument was silver plated once upon a time. The engraving is difficult to see in the pictures, but it reads " THE MARTIN BAND INST. CO. | ELKHART IND "

The fourth valve cap and finger button is different from the other three, and I'm not sure if its original or not. I attached the pictures in a drive document because I was feeling too lazy to go and shrink all of them down to fit. There's also a video of me attempting to sightread Ordner Seg, listen with headphones for best results. In the video the horn has pink fingerbuttons, just try and ignore them..


Priced at $950 OBO. Martin 4 valvers of any key are a rarity, I'm selling because my university's tuba prof. refuses to let me use it in ensemble, so I don't have really any use for it. Also, I get sick of having to constantly stock up on Hetman 14 :tuba:

This is the V&E Simonetti collection page for this horn: https://simonettitubacollection.com/instruments-listed-by-manufacturer/manufacturer-l-r/martin/martin-ee-flat-tuba-4-piston/
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