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Postby thegreatrodinkis » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:41 pm

Hello everyone.

I've got two mouthpieces I'm looking to sell, both well used but in fantastic condition physically.

The first is a Mike Finn MF3. This wonderful piece served me well all through high school into the all states groups for 3 years, and I love it but don't use it much anymore. Visit Mike's website for some more information on the piece itself. I'm looking for $150 for that one, or any reasonable offers. It's the gold/satin gold model.

The second is a real gem, a Warren Deck WD3 with a custom gold plate job. The mouthpiece itself is a rarity nowadays, as they were only made in the 90s and were taken out of production after a short run. The pieces themselves are expensive to begin with, and I payed a pretty chunk of change for mine even used. Then of course I had it gold plated from a source which I cannot remember. I would like to get $300 for this beauty, but I'm open to offers on this one as well. It's a sort of prized possession of mine so it'll take a lot to get me to part with it.

Of course feel free to message me for some photos if you'd like, and I'll email them over to you. I will entertain shipping the pieces but buyer pays shipping. I'm located in the central Massachusetts area.
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