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SOLD - GARD tuba bag front-action - BLACK

Postby bloke » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:13 pm

This bag is in good condition with no issues.
If you expect "used" but "good", you should not be dissatisfied with the condition.
This case is made in India. If you have seen the oriental-made (NOT Cronkhite-made) later Reunion bags (with the round disk on the bell end, and with the bell end NOT unzipping), this bag is VERY MUCH pattered after those.
There is a sturdy patch over a small tear on the interior lining. A picture shows that.
The best I could manage, dimensions-wise are as follows:
length maximum: 36" - 37" (disk-in vs. disk-removed)
bell diameter maximum: 18" - 19"
bottom bow width maximum: 18"
Push the limits of these dimensions at your own risk. I'll take it back, but will not refund mailing cost.
I would recommend purchasing for something WITHIN these dimensions, rather than AT THE VERY EDGE OF these dimensions.
~~ NOT 6/4 ~~
This bag is priced at $100 plus postage. I will flatten the bell portion the best I can, attempt to fold the bow end over the best I can, and try to ship between two pieces of VERY bulged corrugated cardboard. My experience with bags has always been that they CANNOT be made particularly small for mailing or shipping, but - respecting your funds - I will mail as inexpensively as I can manage.

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