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G&W Baer MMVI CC tuba mouthpiece American shank -ON HOLD

Postby MartyNeilan » Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:25 pm

Selling a used G&W Alan Baer MMVI Signature Tuba Mouthpiece. This is based on the CC version and with an American shank.
$100 plus flat $8.00 shipping to the lower 48, PayPal accepted. Shank is 100% round and the rim is smooth and slick - see mirror reflection in 2nd photo. The original owner was nice enough to nick the outside of the rim that does not touch your face, and I have polished it smooth to the touch. This is factored into my (firm) price - the damage will never be felt by your skin but I have lowered the price to reflect the cosmetics. See 3rd photo for closeup (nick is towards the top middle of that picture; large white blotches are light reflection.) I will throw in a ratted out leather/naugahyde pouch.
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IMG_Jan32019at94610PM.jpg (55.68 KiB) Viewed 99 times

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Specs from G&W: MMVI Signature Mouthpiece *Best Selling*
Alan Baer and Giddings and Webster have taken the original Signature Model mouthpiece and put a flatter narrower rim on it. In addition to this we have added a bit of mass around the throat of the mouthpiece, and we have made the mouthpiece out of 15-5 stainless steel. All of this combined makes a mouthpiece that is for folks who like a traditional flat rim with a sharper inner bite for their orchestral tuba playing needs. The 15-5 stainless steel is a high quality aerospace material that is harder than our regular 304 stainless steel mouthpieces.
Rim diameter 32.91mm, 1.295 inches Throat 8.16mm, .321 inches

Since my rebuilt BART plays even more open due to Tuba Tinker taking a couple kinks out of the tubing, I have found that this mouthpiece is no longer ideal for the horn. The Baer F seems to hit the sweet spot; I have already sold the shallow Beltane which only worked (for me) on bass tubas. So, for me: Papa "CC" Baer - too big. Momma "Beltane" Baer - too small. Baby "F" Baer - just right.
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