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Brand-new JP 333 two-rotor bass trombone

Postby bloke » Fri May 10, 2019 9:38 am

From the last batch that came in, there is one left.
It's just as good as all the rest...It's just "one of them".
I'm tired of looking at it. Someone buy it.
Someone here - quite a few months ago - kept asking-and-asking for me to sell them one of these for $1XXX.
The answer is "no-thanks".
This one must cost $2XXX, but a very far distance from $3XXX.
your good personal check, any of the four major cc's, or even some USPS Money Orders...whatever.
(We can send you a secure link to pay our cc processor.)

P.M. for exact price.
Any buyer can have a trial, but we can't take it back without it being returned in flawless condition and with the returner paying round-trip shipping.

nice features:
> REALLY nice sound
> 80:20 alloy (between red and yellow brass...The actual correct name of this alloy is "low brass" alloy which Conn used years ago.)
> nickel silver (aka nickel-brass) outside slide tubes
> REALLY good intonation - far less slide micro-adjusting than with many instruments
> REALLY well-made (rotor-fit, mechanics, slide alignment, etc.)
> ADJUSTABLE thumb and finger positions
> REALLY cool case (very reminiscent of Marcus Bonna)
> sturdily-built, but not a boat anchor (5-2/3 lbs.)

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