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FS: Older model 4/4 MW Bill Bell 5V CC

PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:53 pm
by Jomaits
Selling this horn for a friend: Up for sale is an earlier model 4/4 Meinl-Weston (Div. of Getzen) William Bell 5 Valve CC tuba. Made famous by Sam Pilafian, and of course, Bill Bell. This tuba features a detachable bell flare, and a left hand operated 5th valve with options for either standard whole step, or miraphone tuning when pulled out. This has been described as a smaller C tuba or a large F tuba keyed in C. :D

The good: This horn is in good functional condition. All valves and slides move as they should. I've given it a water bath, oiled the valves, and greased the slides. Before shipping out I will have the valves restrung by my tech, gratis. I can also have my tech do a proper chem cleaning and service beyond what I've already done, however I will have to charge extra to cover the service if the buyer wants me to take care of that before I ship it out. I play tested this horn and it responds well, both in sound and in feel, even for a trombonist. :)

The Ugly: There are a few minor dents in the bell bow, and some very small dings on some of the tubes. Nothing super noticeable, or damaging to response or playing. Mostly cosmetic. This being an older horn that was used a lot when this player was in high school and college, there is lacquer wear throughout, besides on the detachable flare weirdly enough. And it is either the original bell, or a genuine replacement part from the same time period. (I'm guessing the former. He didn't mention any replacement parts when I asked, and a flare is a pretty big replacement!)

This would make a great first non-school-owned tuba for someone in high school or college, or a smaller CC for someone looking for a good chamber group instrument. :tuba:

This horn is sold as-is, or with the services listed above, buyer's choice.
Asking $3400 OBO plus shipping. Or pickup within an hour or so of the Cincinnati area! Please feel free to email me at joshomaits at gmail dot com for questions, offers, etc.

Pics available via dropbox at the link below: ... jw9Ua?dl=0" target="_blank

Re: FS: Older model 4/4 MW Bill Bell 5V CC

PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 10:31 pm
by Jomaits
Update: it is being serviced by my tech as we speak! Valves are going to be lightning quick, some dents will be removed, and a couple loose solder joints will be reinforced. No longer an option for as-is purchasing, since it’s being worked on! I’ll include the service gratis!

Price reduction as well! The offer closest to $3200 plus shipping/pickup near Cincinnati takes the horn!

Re: FS: Older model 4/4 MW Bill Bell 5V CC

PostPosted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:02 am
by BrianG
Is this horn still up for sale?