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FS: Yamaha YCB826 "YamaYork"

Postby Chris Olka » Sat Sep 28, 2019 4:50 pm

Hey guys,
I’ve been asked about this now a number of times. I’ve finally worked up the courage to do it. I’m listing one of my two Yamaha YCB826S York Models for sale. It’s the newer of the two that I own and picked from a batch of 4 in Los Angeles at the Atelier Shop in 2009 I believe. It’s in mechanical perfect working order and almost perfect cosmetic condition. There are a few small silver wear areas and teeny tiny scratches but not a single dent. It’s quite tarnished and needs a light internal cleaning. Other than that, it’s in the same condition as when I bought it. There is one area near the lead pipe where the silver plating never “took” at the factory and when I picked it out of the batch noticed and pointed out. But…I didn’t really care. It played and sounded better than the other 3, so I bought it. The camera on my phone can’t really show it. When the horn is bright polished with a mild metal polish you can’t even tell.

This tuba is the one I played the most in Seattle Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Symphony while I was a Yamaha Artist. I’ve always tried to have a “Home -Horn” and a “Hall-Horn” since my first Nirschl-York was wrecked by Delta back in 2000. This was my “Hall-Horn”. I don’t know what to say about it other than that. It’s a fantastic playing instrument that was picked from a batch of fantastic horns. I’m at the point in my life where I need to make investments in other areas of my family and life. This tuba has been sitting in my basement with the other Yama-York I own not getting played and with 10-15 years left in my playing career…needs to go to someone who will play it and appreciate it for the great tuba it is. Before I have to answer endless “why are you keeping the other Yamaha and selling this one”, I’ll tell you. This one is in better cosmetic condition and the other one has a very significant personal attachment that I can’t bear to part with at this point.

I’ll include a Messina Covers clam-shell style gig bag as well as an Aluminum Flight case made by the same company that makes the Red Coffin cases for Meinl Weston and B&S. I’m asking $40,000 USD and open to offers both higher (In the event of multiple “Yes please”) and lower depending on circumstances. Absolutely no trials and serious offers only. I’ll only consider shipping domestically and internationally if the buyer pays in full up front and covers ALL ASSOCIATED COSTS. I’m willing to allow testing at my home in Northern Kentucky but only as my schedule allows with work. It is not leaving my basement until it’s sold.

Pics will be attached to this message. All interested parties must contact me via the email: chrisolkatuba@gmail.com
I will not reply to messages sent via other services or platforms. Thanks in advance for keeping the Ad free of clutter. Best regards,
Chris Olka
Chris Olka
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