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FS: 5V Kurath F Tuba $7,250 on *HOLD*

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:07 pm
by bgossett3665
Hello Everyone,

Brent Gossett here!

I’ve decided to sell my 5V Kurath F Tuba. It’s an amazing horn and I’m simply downsizing to BBb tuba and sousa. This Kurath is the predecessor to the Wilson 3200XL, and is pretty much the exact same horn but without the Rotax valve. 

The low register is solid with no F tuba problem notes. I used this horn as a CC substitute for solo, chamber, and ensemble work, and the intonation has been spot on since I had the first slide cut a little.

The silver is 100%, though there are some scratches and a slight dent on the side bow.

The previous owner made the following modifications:

1) Raised the Lead pipe: It sat too high and caused pain in his shoulder and when making this mod a weak spot snapped and the lead pipe had to be mended and reinforced.

2) Spit valve on the main tuning slide was replaced with a Saturn Water key which helped to even out the extremes of the horn. Because it does not have a Rotax valve, the low range does not get tubby as I have heard complained about the Wilson Fs.

3) Added extra Amado water keys to a couple of slide branched to aid in emptying trapped water. I’ve never needed to use them.

4) Vented/Ported all four valves

5) Added Sellsmanberger Lightweight Valve Caps

I’ve made the following mods:

1) Added rubber stopper to main tuning slide to prevent slide movement.

2) Cut the 1st slide to adjust the intonation on Eb & D below the staff.

3) Installed a custom PVAK kit from Alan Baer

The price is $7,250 obo, and includes a brown leather Cronkhite gig bag, with a Sellsmanberger 3pc Mouthpiece and two different shanks.

Photos: ... GUGXlkdBBU

Sellsmanberger #2 33.2mm rim
Sellsmanberger Solo Cup
Sellsmanberger Solo #1 Amer Shank
Sellsmanberger Solo #2 Amer Shank

Horn is located in Washington D.C./Hyattsville, MD, I’d prefer not to ship it, and I’m willing drive halfway up to 6 hours to meet with any serious inquiries regarding a performance test and purchase. Please PM or e-mail me with any questions and I’ll answer them as soon as possible.

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Re: FS: 5V Kurath F Tuba $7,250 obo

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:33 pm
by DouglasJB
The link for me only takes me to the picture of the leadpipe.

Re: FS: 5V Kurath F Tuba $7,250 obo

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 1:38 am
by bgossett3665
Sorry about that, the link has been updated