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FS Solos for Sale $140 for all or individually

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:50 pm
by diruss280
For Sale are various solos. $140 plus shipping takes them all. Individual prices are also listed.
  • Andante for Rondo by Antonio Capuzzi Solo $5
    Andante Tcherpnin Solo $15
    Aria from the Masked Ball Verdi Solo $1
    Arise Ye Subterranean Winds by Purcell Solo $3
    Brief Encounters by Chaudoir Solo $6
    Capriccio for Tuba and Marimba by William Penn Solo $13
    Capuzzi, Anton Concerto for Double Bass Double Bass Part with Piano Accompaniment. Original solo Solo $8
    Caverns Frank Wiley Solo $4
    Concertante Harold Walters Solo $3
    Concerto for Bass Tuba and Orchestra Study Score Ralph Vaugh Williams Score $12
    Concerto for Tuba and Strings by Steptoe Solo $7
    Concerto in Bb K 181 Baritone Solo $4
    Concerto No 2 - Williams Solo $3
    Etre on Ne Pas Etre by Tomasi Solo $10
    In the 90 Percent Sturgeon's Law Jay Rozen Solo $2
    Kendor Recital Solos Tuba and Piano parts Solo $5
    Lento by Holmes Solo $4
    Monolog by Erland Solo $10
    Mozart Flute Concerto No. 1 Flute Solo $4
    Reflections by Jager Solo $2
    Ricercar by D. Gabrieli arr. Morris Solo $6
    Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep by De Lamater Solo $3
    Serenade No 12 for Tuba Persichetti Solo $3
    Solo for Tubas with Brass Trio Charles Knox Solo $4
    Sonata Breve for Unaccompanied Tuba by Jack Gallagher Solo $4
    Sonata for Cello and Keyboard by Bach Solo $10
    Sonata for Solo Flute in Am by JS Bach ed Bernie Goldberg Solo $5
    Sonata for Tuba and Piano Broughton Solo $15
    Sonata No 3 in A minor for String Bass and Piano by Vivaldi Solo $3
    Sonata No. 7 by Haydn arr. Bowles Solo $3
    Sontas for Cello and Piano JS Bach Solo $5
    Suite for Tuba Haddad Solo $5
    Suite for Unaccompanied Tuba by Walter S Hartley Solo $3
    The Ballad of Enob Mort Uber Solo $8
    The Effervescent Ballroom for Tuba and Piano Solo $9
    The Music of Herbert L. Clarke Book 1 and 2 Solo $13
    Tuba Rhapsody by Grundman Solo $10
    Twelve Fantasies Telemann Solo $7
    Variations on the Theme of Judas Maccabeus Bethoven-Bell Solo $5
    Wesendonk-Lieder by Richard Wagner Solo $12
I also have etude books, tuba ensemble and jazz books for sale.
Everything is listed here: ... li=1#gid=0.

I am also selling my CD collection. CDs are $2 a disc.
Everything is listed here: