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Tubas and Full Set of Repair Tools

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 3:43 pm
by Michael Woods
I am officially getting out of playing tuba.

I need to sell a

Wilson 3050S - $8500 excellent condition Wilk valve caps, picks upon request via text. I lapped the 1st and 4th slide to be easily pulled. I lapped the 3rd also but only to free it up a bit as it was real hard to move at all.

Mienl Weston 45S - $5000 Is apparently one of 2 that had red brass bells and Matt Walters mods done to them. I studied with Perantoni at IU and he told me to never get rid of this horn which is really unusual for him to say about something that wasn't a PT . . .
I did some of my own modifications to this horn and when I did them did not consider the finish as I never thought I was going to get rid of this tuba. So a couple of the solder joints have burn spots on the laquer. No major dents in the bows and no creases in the bell.
If you are interested PM with your number and I'll send photos via text.
I reversed the main tuning slide and the 2nd valve slide and added a brace at the top of the 5th valve that connects to the 4th valve. I also cut the 3rd vavle slide shorter because high C#/Db was too flat. I added a long pull ring to the 3rd slide so it can be access above the top bow.

The 45S has been played very little since its last chem clean and is super clean inside.
The 3050 has been played since it's last chem clean and is only slightly dirty in the inside.

Valves aligned properly on both.

Both tubas have been played professional and I wouldn't get rid of them if I wasn't changing careers.

Each tuba has its own flight case and Altieri gig bag.

I have a full repair shop of brass tools that I'd like to sell. Cornet through tuba, full set of trombone rods, all sorts of stuff, just ask I'm no longer doing this in the summers so it has to go.

I'm gonna sell the tools together, probably around $4500-$5000 but I need to inventory what I have first.

Everything is located in San Antonio TX

Re: Tubas and Full Set of Repair Tools

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 12:16 am
by hhx644
Hi I’m interested ur f tuba could you update pic on website? Also please contact me email if any available

Re: Wilson 3050s/MW 45S and Full Set of Repair Tools

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 4:39 pm
by Michael Woods
Bump-Updated the add with more information

Re: Tubas and Full Set of Repair Tools

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:39 am
by Michael Woods