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Postby David Spies » Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:03 pm

Yid Vicious at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse
Friday, February 4, 2017
8 PM
1101 Williamson St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
$6.00 Adults; Kids free

Dear Klezbyterians,
Well, it’s a brand new year! Time to put behind the detritus of the past and focus on what’s ahead. But also, time to reflect on what came before. Perhaps these are mutually exclusive goals. But, what if, perhaps NOT? While you were spending the holidays enjoying yourselves with family gatherings, gift shopping, crying jags, and yelling at the television, we at Yid Vicious Enterprises LLC were hard at work in our spacious offices coming up with a theme for the upcoming Groundhog Day blowout at Mother Fool’s.

Reflecting on the year past, many ideas presented themselves. All of these potential themes had merit. They included:

*sports teams that won that we never thought would;
*Lemmy, we hardly knew thee;
*another Star Wars all of a sudden;
*cats we miss;
*WTF happened;
*tribute to the least-liked guy in the Eagles;
*no, seriously, WTF just happened;
*mid-winter blahs;
*garbage fires;
*orange is the new blllaaaaarrggggghhhh;
*seventy degrees in November: totally normal;
and many others.
Finally, we landed on a theme of positivity: rising above the ashes.

As many of you are no doubt aware, Yid Vicious found its true home at Mother Fool’s more than two decades ago, when Mother Fool’s was a new business and Yid Vicious was just starting with the bulgars. Over the years, the band and the business grew, thriving separately but always coming together for the most sacred of days: Groundhog Day. Then, in August 2016, Mother Fool’s suffered an involuntary re-model thanks to some moron driving when he shouldn’t have been. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, but the front exterior, including its beloved sparkling mosaic, was demolished. We were aghast, wondering if Mother Fool’s would recover from this terrible misfortune.

And they did! And they’re still open and serving not but the finest ice coffee and hosting music and helping us all celebrate together the sacredest rodent-themed holiday that we can think of: Groundhog Day!

This year, to celebrate Mother Fools’ tenacity and pluck, we’ll be shoving our beloved marmota monax aside to celebrate another fabled creature: the phoenix! Because, rising out of the ashes! Like how Mother Fool’s rebuilt! To help remind us that everything’s not horrible, and even when it is, there’s hope for renewal and rebirth! Like we all need in the middle of winter, especially now that Princess Leia is gone!

For this extra-special 22nd annual Groundhog-and-Phoenix Day reunion concert blowout, Yid Vicious will be rolling out its exciting new version of Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite. Finally, Russian modernism meets Wisconsin klezmerism in a bold and possibly inspiring manner that will offer hope and tranquility to us all. Then, past and present members of Yid Vicious, numbering into the hundreds, will assemble for the annual Yid Vicious Reunion Sher-off, a Madison klezmer institution where dancing, singing, whooping, and plate-spinning are not only allowed, but encouraged.

Please join us if you’re able. If not, catch us next year or the year after that. Yid Vicious and Mother Fool’s are going to be here for a long time to come.

(Submitted by Yid Vicious Tubist David Spies; courtesy Klezmerologist Urban Van Hoof)
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