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PostPosted: Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:14 am
by MEWienand
Howdy Y'all
Its NABBA time again. This weekend on Friday and Saturday, March 10 &11 respectively Brass bands from all over North America will trek to IN. to play their best. I, myself play in IBB (Illinois Brass Band) on Eb Bass with my BFF Sharon, we also did DCI. I love having a great section to play in. Our Bb's rock the bottom end too. Shout out to Bill and Andy, the only person taller than me that I have performed with in a VERRRRY long time. Hope everyone has safe travels to IN. and looking forward to meeting new Tuba, and other, Players. See you there!
I will be the tuba with the Green Cronkhite Gig Bag! Say Hi Mark! I will say Hi back.
Tuba (Basses) UNITE!
See y'all there
Mark Wienand
Illinois Brass Band
Willson 3400TA Compensating Eb Bass