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A massive gathering of Sousaphones in Breda, NL

Postby David Richoux » Wed May 17, 2017 1:32 am

This weekend should be rather loud! Sorry, the link is only on Facebook, but that is how it goes sometimes. https://www.facebook.com/bredeeertsousafoon/videos/1882067075344828

From some of the names on the bells, these are players from various Dutch Dweilorkester - non-professional carnival bands that also play for sporting events and festival/competitions the rest of the year.

If you search "Dweilorkester" on wiki you will probably be very confused - they are also called "Mop Bands" because they play in the streets of various Southern Netherlands cities where the Catholic Carnival tradition is more prevalent, sweeping back and forth like a mop, soaking up all of the beer.
This tradition is somewhat related to Fanfare bands of Northern (Protestant) Netherlands, but maybe a bit more fun.

There is another somewhat similar kind of band that can be found in Switzerland, Southern Austria and Germany, and Northern Italy called "Guggenmusik" that play for the pre-Catholic carnival called "Fasnacht."
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