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Whit Friday- UK March Contest, Live Streamed 25th May

Postby AndyCat » Wed May 23, 2018 2:41 am

Hi all,

You no doubt see videos posted of the Whit Friday March Contests, where over 100 brass bands of all standards, from lots of countries, travel round tiny villages in the NW of England competing over a single evening at as many venues as they can physically get to. Traffic, and musical, chaos!

One of the more famous, and busiest, venues, is being live streamed this year, but there is a cost (I'm not affiliated to this in any way, and personally, it won't be a venue my band attends I don't think). There will be bands from the lowest division, Made up bands, Youth bands, fancy dress, visiting overseas bands plus a handful of the best bands in the world, all competing over an 8 hour period!

If you're interested in seeing this remarkable spectacle (and other Brass events through the year) browse here:-


Otherwise, I'm sure there will be plenty of videos after the event to post on the relevant thread!
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