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Perantoni 50th Anniversary Alumni Octubafest Oct. 7-11

PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 12:33 pm
by tubalex
Hi Tubenet,

All next week Dan Perantoni's alumni are putting on a week-long octubafest in Bloomington to celebrate his 50th year of teaching and 25th year at Indiana University. The following events are free and open to the public.

Monday October 7
7pm Ford Hall
Alumni Soloists
Aaron Tindall, Mark Moore, Golden Lund, Mark Nelson, Anthony Halloin, Genevieve Clarkson, Timothy Northcut

Tuesday October 8
1:00 Recital Hall
Jerry Young interviews Daniel Perantoni

Tuesday October 8
5:00 Recital Hall
Kevin Stees and Richard White shared masterclass

Wednesday October 9
7pm Ford Hall
Alumni and IU faculty chamber groups
Genevieve Clarkson, Brett Stemple, Jerome Stover, Anthony Kniffen, Andrew Smith, Matthew Stratton, Richard White, Phil Franke, John Mueller, Paul Loucas, Mark Moore, Stephen Dombrowski, John Rommel, Joey Tartell, Jeff Nelson, Carl Lenthe, Kevin Stees

Wednesday, October 9
8pm, Ford Hall
Screening of the film "RAWTUBA"

Wednesday, October 9
9pm Bear’s Place
Jazz Night
Hosted by Paul Carlson, Tom Holtz, Sean Greene

Thursday October 10
7pm Ford Hall
Alumni Soloists
Chris Lee, Matthew Hightower, Joanna Hersey, Tom Holtz, David Saltzman, Kevin Wass, Andrew Smith

Friday, October 10
8pm Auer Hall
Closing Ensembles Concert
Winston Morris, conductor
Daniel Perantoni, solo tuba
Josh Bishop, Phil Franke, Jack Lorens, John Mueller, Andrew Sallee, Demondrae Thurman, Brianna Engelbert Vogt, Kimiko Yamada, Joanna Hersey, Matt Hightower, Tom Holtz, Alexander Lapins, Paul Loucas, Mark Moore, Timothy Northcut, Chris Pearlberg, David Saltzman, Richard White
Closing Mass ensemble: Bring your horn to rehearsals mid-day on 10/10 and 10/11.

Questions? email me at alapins at utk dot edu