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FAQ on find

PostPosted: Sun May 06, 2018 7:36 pm
by Donn
FAQ might add another prefatory hint, for points not covered in the FAQ:
Tubenet probably has more information than you know what to do with on your topic of interest, but don't give up if "Advanced search" turns out to be a useless way to look for it.
Go to a general purpose online web search engine, and enter the terms you want to search for, along with "".
When it turns out that someone has polluted the forum post data with a signature that includes the search term you used, for example to advertise the tubas and other items available for burglars at his place of residence, you might try an exclusion term form that signature - just anything you want from that signature, preceded by a minus sign. (Though be aware that this will rule out whole pages, just because that user posted once there.)

... or something like that. Advanced Search does things like prohibit you from using "mouthpiece" in a search because it's too common, seems to have limited or no features for phrases ... haven't tried to use it much recently, so I'm sure I've forgotten some other deficiencies. (Maybe some Advanced Search whiz can come up with an alternative prefatory remark that explains how to use it.)